Friday, June 26, 2015

Zari L. Ballard Review

 A page-turning depiction of life w/ a narcissistic abuser... June 23, 2015

As the author of When Love Is a Lie and other books about narcissism in relationships, I have to say that the author of "Entangled" has hit it out of the park in her description of victims of narcissist abuse (like myself), the relationship between Natalie and Daniel is, unfortunately, interchangeable with each of our own ..from the initial love-bombing to the push/pull manipulation tactics that quickly follow, to the managing down of our expectations so that we'll accept mere crumbs of attention, to the passive-aggressive BULLS*** conducted via The Cell Phone Game that strings us along day after day, to the triangulation and inevitable breaking down of our spirit over a "love" that we can't even justify to ourselves let alone to anyone else! Yup, it's all here and it makes for a great read.
Since only those who have been subjected to this type of weird, manipulative abuse will ever understand it or be able to write about it, I know that this author was speaking from an experience that certainly was far from fictional. I say "Bravo" to her ability to capture our experience with such precision and with all of the emotion intact. Thank you for a great read!
Zari Ballard When Love Is a Lie

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