Sociopath Poems

When I first fell in love with a sociopath, I had no idea. I thought that I found my soul mate and the love of my life. So much so that I began writing poetry. The first book, I called Amour d'hiver, Winter Love, a collection of love poems in English and French. It won first place in the 2009 NYC Paris Festival Awards.

The second book of poetry, is called, la fin de l'amour, The End of Love. Still driven to write about my love, the poems began to descend into confusion, desperation and despair.

Both are available on kindle and amazon, but I will periodically post them on this page.

Please comment if you've experienced the same emotions in your relationship. It's my hope that you and me and everyone who has gone through this do not feel alone.


  1. Simple Love
    Life is complicated
    This much we know is true
    But love should be so simple
    And worthwhile to pursue

    We live our lives each day
    With internal confusion
    Trying to decide
    Choice and preclusion

    Retreat to a place
    That’s easy and free
    The heart does not care
    Where that would be

    Perception is real
    When feeling secure
    In love that is caring
    Faithful and pure

    It’s something that lasts
    Can’t be taken away
    By those all around
    Who lead us astray?

    When life is too difficult
    No solution abound
    Remember real love
    Is simple… and profound

  2. Crumbs
    I feed upon the crumbs
    You often throw my way
    As soon as I am strong
    You throw some more, I stay

    I cannot blame you really
    It is a choice you see
    Consuming all you give
    To fill the hole in me

    I seek to find the answers
    Evaluate our love
    Your silence is so deafening
    To tell me that thereof

    If I feast off the emotions
    Lying on the floor
    Will I have regrets
    Before I close the door

    How long could I live this way
    A fragment of your love
    My dignity is hanging
    One thousand feet above

    I think that I need more
    For that I must insist
    But when I walk away
    You will be sorely missed

    Don’t want to lose a chance
    To find true happiness
    I want to be in love again
    The truth I can’t suppress

  3. Wings
    You pulled my wings off one by one.
    Till our love was nearly done.
    Kept me grounded much too long.
    Now it’s time I move along.

    Day by day I spent my time.
    Dependent on your love.
    I could not leave, I could not fly.
    Away or high above.

    Trapped in memories from our love.
    I could not turn away.
    Time has passed, and I am strong.
    My wings now will obey.

    Up I fly with bated breath.
    Afraid of what I’ll find.
    Further from your life.
    No longer intertwined.

    I will soar into the sky.
    Not knowing where I’ll go.
    Will not look away or back.
    My dignity I’ll show.

  4. Serpent Sting
    Heart in pain and stomach knots
    Desire not to eat
    Body yearns for rest
    But doesn't welcome sleep
    Dreams and goals that disappear
    Invade your mind and soul
    A melancholy bitter sweet
    Of things you'll never know
    You long to see your lover's face
    And crave to hear his voice
    To hold him in your empty arms
    You cannot change the course
    The warmth of breath upon your neck
    The touch of his caress
    You feel the bite and cry in pain
    A sense of emptiness
    A serpent’s sting, it hurts so much
    You think that you will die
    But time will heal all wounds
    You know that you must try
    The venom that was left behind
    Will surely drain away
    You will live once more
    To love another day